What warranty do I get on the bike? What warranty do I get on the bike?

What warranty do I get on the bike?

With every Veloci, you already get a reassuring guarantee: lifetime on the aluminium frame, 7 years on all non-electronic parts and 2 years* on the electronic parts.

Thanks to the 'Extended Warranty', you have an additional one year warranty on your bike's electrical components.
-Motor, malfunctioning
-Display, malfunctioning
-Battery, dysfunctional and in the event of a capacity loss of more than 30%

*From March 2023, the warranty condition of the electric parts changed from 2 years to 3 years.


Warranty exclusions -

In the following cases, the warranty is void:

- Improper and/or careless use of the bicycle; - Maintenance not in accordance with the manual
correspond to the manual;
- Technical repairs that have not been
were carried out in a professional manner;
- Subsequently fitted parts that do not
correspond to the technical specifications of the bicycle.
- Furthermore, liability of Bizbike is
is expressly excluded for damage to (parts of) the bicycle as a result of:

- Incorrect adjustment/tension of handlebars, stem, saddle, seat post, derailleur set, brakes,
quick-release devices of the wheels and saddles;
- Non-timely replacement of parts such as
brake/derailleur cables, brake pads, tyres,
chain and sprockets;
- Climatic influences such as normal
weathering of paintwork and chrome rust

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